Author, Content Writer,

and Intrepid Explorer


My name is Tammy Wunsch and I specialize in writing for the people who seek travel adventures, drink delicious wine, and rescue animals.

More specifically, I specialize in writing Case Stories and E-books for the travel, wine/vineyard, and animal welfare niches.

I currently reside in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut though I have also called both New York City and Los Angeles home. I was formally educated in business, but I have an entrepreneurial and adventurous nature so I quickly grew bored with corporate life. I am passionate about animals and love to travel, drink wine, cook, kayak, read…and so much more!

Creative storytelling is my forté. I have just finished writing my second novel and began writing my third. My first novel was titled The Navarre Brotherhood. It is a rousing tale of mystery and adventure about the search for the missing treasure of the Knights Templar. My second novel is the beginning of A Wine Tasting Mystery Series, and it is titled Reunions Can Be Fun.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the murder and mayhem at a 20th high school reunion. is the website I use to see my books, write my blog posts, and market my content writing services. You can go here to see my full portfolio, though I also have links to samples below.

The Copywriter Agency is a learning portal I created to coach writers in a variety of skills such as how to attract customers and how to develop a successful blog. Website members have access to a curated job board consisting of jobs in the writing field so that Content and Copywriters can more easily find writing gigs.

My former blog, I Speak for Paws, was primarily concerned with animal welfare around the world. My blog posts are compiled into e-books that are available for free in the e-Bookstore.