Have you ever had to be hyper-focused on tasks and projects in your life even when events around you are chaotic and super stressful? Welcome to my last eight weeks.

First, I relocated to Connecticut in September. Anyone who has ever moved can tell you that moving is not fun, no matter how you make the move.

In the midst of chaos, I faced a personal family crisis which helped me determine that moving back had been the right choice. I was very productive on numerous projects.

I finished working on four ebooks and audiobooks. The first is about a new writing method called B2C Content Writing: How to Write Case Stories. B2C Content Writing: How to Write Case Stories is a comprehensive how-to manual that will teach you a new form of content writing for your B2C clients. This is an untapped market, so learn a new skill and launch a new career or side gig while helping your clients become more successful. Available on Amazon and Audible.



I next updated, expanded, edited, and published some of the material in my How Do I Move to… series. The first three guides have just been published:

The next three guides relating to Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama will be available by the end of the year.

I then decided to embrace TikTok and Instagram as video forums for promoting my books. I’ve created a short video for each book and posted the videos on both platforms. I’m still learning how it all works and, I must admit, have not yet found the secret sauce to turn a video viral, but I’ll get there. Determination!



Finally, I learned how to create and publish ambient videos on YouTube. I used my love for travel and the peaceful sound of rain to design and produce three 15-minute videos for my new channel, Ambient International Vibes (). The videos are great for a quick break and help to both refocus your mind and relieve stress. The three videos are:

During this hyper-focused, super-productive time, I also found and outfitted my new apartment and spent time reconnecting with friends. I’ve also just signed up for a course on SEO Content Writing to further develop my skills because you should never stop learning and trying to do and be better, whatever that means for you.

I could have chosen to let the stress to dictate what I did but instead decided to work through the feeling. It was definitely worthwhile as this was probably one of the most productive periods in my life. Choose how you will deal with stress and don’t ever let it stop you from achieving your goals!!!