Are you fed up with your 9 – 5 (or longer!) job?

Are you looking for a new opportunity where you will be your own boss?

Are you confused by all the income-from-home opportunities/scams?

Are you looking to finally move overseas and earn income or supplement your retirement funds?

Before you jump into the digital nomad marketplace, your first task is to determine your skills and abilities and find the position that is the best fit for you. You need to determine the minimum necessary income for your lifestyle and ensure that your new, independent work environment will provide you with the income necessary to enjoy the lifestyle you desire. Even if you are not looking to move overseas, these income opportunities can be used to establish financial independence, set your own schedule, and say good-bye to overbearing bosses and underpaid jobs.


Have you been intrigued by friends or acquaintances who have taken their destinies into their own hands to become successful digital nomads, mobile creatives, and location independent professionals? Discover which Portable Income Opportunity (PIO best suits your needs and lifestyle and embrace freedom today! Over the next few weeks, Expat Writer will present job sites, training courses, and PIO you may never have considered before. To ensure accuracy, much of the information has been reproduced from the actual sites.

Come back and learn how you can easily become a digital nomad and shed the oppression of an office or static workplace.

All the PIO information is also available as a pdf ebook in the eBookstore.