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Read an Ebook Week 2023

Hello, Readers!
We are fast approaching Read an Ebook Week, a week that encourages readers to pick up the digital device of their choice and download a new book to read.
I’m excited to announce that my books, The Berlin Device, The Navarre Brotherhood, Reunions Can Be Murder, and Vineyards Can Be Murder, will be available as part of a promotion on Smashwords to celebrate Read an Ebook Week 2023! This is a chance to get my book, along with books from many other great authors, at a discount so you can get right to reading.
You will find the promo here starting on March 5, so save the link:
If you wouldn’t mind taking part in promoting this celebration of Ebooks and reading, please feel free to share this promo with your friends and family. Just forward this email to anyone who would love a chance to find their next favorite book and, as the name suggests, read an ebook!
Thank you for your help and support!
Happy reading!

New Blog Tour

I’m announcing a second blog tour for The Berlin Device. This time, the tour will be a Blurb Blitz Tour.

Hosts of the tour and dates that The Berlin Device will be on these sites follow:

June 13: All the Ups and Downs
June 14: Gina Rae Mitchell
June 15: The Reading Addict
June 16: Fabulous and Brunette
June 17: Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read
June 20: Andi’s Book Reviews
June 21: Viviana MacKade
June 22: Locks, Hooks and Books
June 23: Iron Canuck Reviews & More
June 24: fundinmental

If you have any time on those dates, please visit the sites above and like or comment on the post. The more engagement a book receives, the better it looks for the author.

Also, if you have already read The Berlin Device, please go to Amazon and leave a review. Amazon bases which books they share with other readers based on the following factors:

  • Number of reviews
  • Quality of reviews
  • Rating of the book

Thank you all for your help and support on my author journey!

“The Berlin Device”

The Berlin Device

A Xander Berlin Adventure Book 1

by Tammy Wunsch

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery

Xander has led a life of luxury with a cushy job in the family business. After his father’s mysterious disappearance, Xander became CEO of the multi-million dollar, international enterprise and tries to prove himself to everyone, including himself.

Xander discovers encrypted files in his father’s hidden safe that detail his illicit activities. His father was more than disreputable—he was a member of a secret and diabolical organization whose sole objective is world domination. In the files are plans for the Berlin Device—a satellite weapons system that has the potential for unparalleled destruction.

Chloe has scrimped and saved for an amazing hiking vacation. When nothing goes right in her travels, fate intervenes and she and Xander are thrown together in a hopeless quest across Europe to recover the device before more innocent people die.

Dodging bullets, bombs, and barbaric henchmen, Xander and Chloe discover a mysterious facility that could become their final resting place…if their enemies have their way.

Can they escape with their lives?

More importantly, can they save the planet from The Berlin Device?

Goodreads * Amazon

Tammy Wunsch is an International Writer of Mystery, Travel, and Wine – with a side of Course Development – who currently resides in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut. Formally educated in business, she has worked in a variety of industries and is both entrepreneurial and adventurous by nature. She is passionate about animals and loves to travel, cook, kayak, and read.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

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War Is A Distant Memory…

The latest submission for my writing workshop. If you would like to join, visit Empower Writers and ask to join the group. If you’d just like to comment, I welcome those as well.


War is a distant memory and peace has reigned on Earth for millenia…

It all started in the year 2148. That was the year the Malicodi arrived. Their technology was so advanced and they had figured out how to eradicate disease, for all sentient beings. The Malicodi were a peaceful people, but they could afford to be with their vast technological superiority. They were willing to share their technology and their advanced medical care on one condition–peace on Earth.

It took about a month for world leaders to decide that this was a great deal. Frankly, I’ve never understood what took them a whole month. The Malicodi’s tech was able to detect any type of weaponry and, with the push of a button, the weaponry was vaporized. They improved our agricultural industry so that everything was grown organically and much quicker than previously. World hunger, famine, and disease took a little longer, but within a year, Earth was populated by a prosperous, healthy society. 

Defense budgets were rerouted to space exploration. The Malicodi shared their interplanetary travel technology and the first Earthships were launched within five years, with many more in the coming years. The Malicodi had shared the coordinates for other friendly planets and the people of Earth were ready to take their place among the stars. 

The Earth became a paradise–the skies were blue, the waters ran clear, and even the ozone layer was being rebuilt with Malicodi tech. There were Malicodi colonies on every continent and they cohabited peacefully with the people of Earth. Crime was non-existent as food was plentiful and the Malicodi had also wiped out illegal drugs. Governments invested in education equally in every community and jobs were abundant, so there was no need for illegal activities. 

The year was now 4217. Life on Earth was very peaceful and we had Earth colonies on nearly two hundred different planets. I was on Earth for work purposes but had decided to take a short break and visit one of the historical museums that depicted life before the year 2148. Let’s just say I’m glad I lived in this time period. I couldn’t imagine the suffering that people endured prior to 2148–the disease, the malnutrition, the crime, and the constant threat of war somewhere on the planet. 

I came to Earth to consult with Guj, one of my colleagues in the Global Psychiatric Consortium (GPC). Just because there was nothing to worry about didn’t mean that people still didn’t worry. Mental illness was not completely cured with a healthy planet, organic food, and no crime. The GPC was located on New Malicodi, a floating city in the south Pacific. I arrived by the high-speed underwater monorail. It was very quick, not as quick as the transporter, but I could never get used to the demolecularization process so I chose the monorail instead.

The hydraulivators brought me swiftly to the 267th floor. I wandered down the hall to Guj’s suite, stopping to chat with various colleagues and friends. When I arrived at the Reprogramming Suite–Guj was world-renowned for helping humans eliminate disturbing thoughts through both intensive talk and laser therapy. He had a 100 percent success rate and I was always fascinated when I could watch him in action. Guj’s secretary told me that Guj was expecting me and I smiled coyly at him. We had a very satisfying liaison the last time I had visited Guj and part of me was hoping that would happen again. His return smile and wink made me certain I could look forward to an invigorating, and very satisfying, evening. 

I walked back to Guj’s interior office. He always said that a view would distract both him and his patients so he enjoyed the interior space. I opened the door and noticed that the lights were set at the dimmest setting. Everything inside was shadowy and indistinct. I sensed movement to my right and fell back against the door when something slammed into me and moved toward the outer office. 

What was that? I felt something wet on my face and reached up to dab it with my hand while telling the AI to turn up the lights. When the suite was illuminated, I stood staring at my hand. It was covered in blood that I also felt dripping off my face. I was dumbfounded for a moment. Where did the blood come from? 

“Guj?” I called out. “Where are you? What’s happening?” 

I received no response and ventured deeper into his office. Finding a tissue, I wiped my face and hands to remove the blood. The door to the laser suite was ajar and I could see a pale blue light emanating from within. “Guj,” I called again, thinking he maybe hadn’t heard me over the gentle hum of the laser. I peeked around the door and then my world came apart. 

Guj was restrained on the laser table while the laser moved slowly back and forth across his body. His eyes stared at me but he couldn’t see me. Guj was obviously dead. Apparently murdered. The first murder to occur on Earth since the year 2150 and unfortunately, I was going to get a first-hand view of what happens during a murder investigation. I sighed and held back the bile as I crossed the room to turn off the laser. This working vacation would soon turn into the worst nightmare I could ever have imagined. 


The Train Station

The latest submission for my writing workshop. If you would like to join, visit Empower Writers and ask to join the group. If you’d just like to comment, I welcome those as well.


The young man at the train station was very odd. He paced outside on the platform even though the next train was not due for twenty minutes and it was only 22℉. His gait was a little off too–almost like he was limping, but not quite. I was fascinated and my overactive imagination kept coming up with outlandish reasons for him to be pacing outside at the train station in such cold weather.

After five more minutes, the young man was joined by a middle-aged woman. She was stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. The young man stopped in front of her and they engaged in an animated conversation. He was gesticulating erratically and pointing down the track toward Cold Springs, the next town over. 

I surreptitiously stood up and walked closer to the open window, hoping to overhear their conversation. Fortunately, the window was open so I didn’t have to strain too much, however, they were speaking in a language I had never heard before. I have traveled to every continent and over 50 countries on this planet, so trust me when I say that I believe they were speaking an alien language. 

I now began to notice details on each of them that I hadn’t noticed before. To start, the young man’s eyes were spaced a little too far apart and they were next to the bridge of his nose, not above it. Now that I was really looking at him, I observed that his nose was wide and very flat. These details made his face seem almost frog-like. 

I turned my attention to the woman. Her eyes were a little lower than normal, but not quite as low as the young man’s eyes. There seemed to be an aura surrounding her that made it difficult to study the details of her face. They were still engaged in conversation in whatever language they were speaking, so I continued my examination. I wanted to be sure I had the details right because I would definitely be posting about this later. 

I noticed two bumps above her shoulders. They were almost hidden by her cascading hair, but as she grew more frustrated with the young man, she tossed her head around and the bumps were clearly visible. I tried to speculate on what the bumps represented, and then, when she lifted her arm to point at the young man, her shirt fabric tightened and two more bumps a little lower on her back. 

My sharp intake of breath must have alerted them to my presence, they turned toward the window I was using for reconnaissance. I quickly jumped to the side, but I could tell by the sudden silence that they had seen me. I held my breath and looked around the train station, realizing for the first time that it was completely deserted. Where was the station master? 

The door to the platform creaked open and I started praying for the first time in fifteen years. My eyes were shut tightly and I had my arms wrapped around my body. A moment later, I felt a hand on my arm and screwed up all my courage to slowly open my eyes. The woman was standing in front of me and glaring with barely-controlled anger. “What did you hear?” she demanded.

Even though she was still speaking the alien language, I could somehow understand her. I tried to speak, but feeling her cold, clammy hand on my arm had me frozen in fear. I finally roused myself and whispered, “Nothing.” To my surprise, my words were also in the alien language and I nearly passed out from the rush of emotions that ran through me.

She narrowed her eyes further and I gaped when I noticed that her pupils were triangular and not round like human pupils. “I don’t believe you.” She withdrew her hand from my arm and took a step back. “It’s time to come home, Xcartierz,” she murmured. “You have been living with the humans for far too long. Your Rumspringa was over two years ago. You have a family that loves and misses you.” She looked at the young man on the platform. “Plus, Zbigxqr wants to go home. He is tired of watching over you and he is especially disgusted by the humans and their filthy habits.”

I stared at her for an eternity. Suddenly, a flood of memories flashed by my eyes, reminding me of my true identity and my homeland. I cautiously felt behind me and ran my hands over the bumps on my back. I broke down in tears and sunk to the floor. “Why did I not remember who I am or where I am from?” I asked bitterly.

“You assimilated too well, my dear. It will take a little while to revert to your natural self. Now let’s go home.”

I rose cautiously and followed Helxza out to the platform. I raised my eyes in remorse at Zbigxqr. “I’m sorry for keeping you away from home for so long, my friend. You must miss your family.”

He smiled at me and I shuddered with my remaining vestiges of humanity, repulsed by the four sharp teeth in Zbigqr’s mouth. When he placed his hand on my arm, however, I was filled with peace and tranquility. “It is okay, Xcartierz. We will have many stories to share when we get back home to Tipsqxr.We will be quite famous for a little while.”

I smiled back at him, feeling the camouflaging blur shed from my body. I looked at my reflection in the window and almost didn’t recognize myself from five minutes ago. I was six and a half feet tall–short for the women of my planet. My hair was a lush green, the color of grass after a refreshing rain, and cascaded down my back. My skin had a reddish hue and when I smiled at myself, I saw the dazzling diamond-like teeth that all women on my planet possess. I turned back to Helxza, “I’m ready,” I announced. 

Helxza raised her arm and a small aircraft came swooping out of the sky. It wasn’t a typical Earth aircraft though and I strained to remember what planes looked like on Tipsqxr. As the craft drew closer, landing gear extended that perfectly fit the railroad tracks as it glided toward us and stopped quietly in front of us. 

We quickly boarded and I was gathered into an embrace by my brother Xcarlierz. I now remembered that he had left at the end of our designated Rumspringa time. I had no regrets though. I had lived a lifetime of memories during my time on Earth.

I Could Use A Miracle

The latest submission for my writing workshop. If you would like to join, visit Empower Writers and ask to join the group. If you’d just like to comment, I welcome those as well.


Cara settled in behind the front desk of Harmony, the quaint seaside inn she had just purchased in southeastern Connecticut. Geographically, it wasn’t far from New York City where she had spent most of her thirties toiling away for one of the city’s largest law firms. Emotionally, she was a world away. She was officially burnt out. Working ninety to one hundred hours per week and most weekends had left her exhausted. Fortunately, it had also left her comfortably situated and able to take on a new career at forty. 

She knew nothing about running an inn, but she was smart. She had taken a few online courses in how to run a business and accounting and had shadowed the former owner for a month before making it official. She was sure she could handle this. Well, maybe just reasonably sure she thought as she looked over the upcoming online reservations. There were a lot of empty spaces that should have been filled up with guest names. She sighed. She had thought it would be a good idea to take over in late winter and learn the ropes before the busy spring and summer season started. She sighed again and inwardly reviewed her bank account. She would be fine living on her savings for a few months, if necessary, but she’d rather not.

Cara leaned in and pulled up her business plan. She was a firm believer in the you-never-can-be-too-prepared school of thought. She reviewed her projections and felt a bit despondent. Had she really thought she could make this work? She shook her head and thought about how she could really use a miracle about now. 

The bell over the front door rang and Cara smiled warmly at the new arrival. She didn’t have anyone scheduled for tonight so she couldn’t greet the person by name. “May I help you,” she inquired in the friendly tone she had been practicing. This was completely different from the no-nonsense, tough-as-nails tone she had practiced when she was practicing patent law. 

Cara was immediately mesmerized by the stranger’s penetrating blue eyes and wavy dark hair. He was broad-shouldered and had a nice smile, even if it was a little crooked. Heck, nobody was perfect. She took a step back as his presence was slightly overwhelming. If he noticed the effect he had on her, he was kind enough not to show it. He reached into his tailored jacket’s inner pocket, pulled out a wallet, and flipped it open—exposing a shiny gold badge.

“Ms. Cara Wilcox?” he inquired in a deep, bass-baritone that made Cara’s insides react with a slight quiver. 

“Yes, how may I help you, Detective?” Cara figured it would be best to establish a friendly and helpful rapport with the local police, in case she ever needed their assistance with an unruly guest. 

“Hi, I’m Detective Burton from the Harmony Harbor Police Department. Do you have a guest registered for tonight named Phyllis McDermott?”

“I don’t usually give out guest information, Detective, may I ask why you are inquiring?”

Detective Burton sighed. “We found a confirmation email on her phone for the Harmony Inn for this weekend. I just wanted to double-check that she has not already checked in.”

Cara contemplated the detective for a few seconds. “Yes, Detective Burton. Ms. McDermott is registered for this weekend. She is one of the lawyers at the firm where I used to work. We’re planning a mini-reunion this weekend. Can I ask again why you want to know?”

The detective grimaced. “I’m sorry to tell you, Ms. Wilcox, but Ms. McDermott was found near the Harmony Harbor Metro-North station.”

Cara stared at him for a second. “What do you mean that she was found near the station? Was she lost?”

Detective Burton shook his head and scratched his cheek. “I’m sorry. I’m never good at this. Ms. McDermott’s body was found near the tracks. She was murdered.”

“Murdered…” Cara trailed off as numerous scenes of their time spent together in the trenches of the law firm flitted through her memory. “I mean, are you sure? Maybe she just died of natural causes.”

Detective Burton snorted a mirthless laugh. “There’s nothing natural about a bullet through the heart, Ms. Wilcox. She was also beaten pretty badly. Do you know if Ms. McDermott knew anyone else in Harmony Harbor?”

Cara sunk back into her chair. “I don’t believe so, Detective. She was coming to celebrate her promotion to partner.” Cara shook her head. “I just can’t believe this. She was going to be my first guest. I just took over the inn today.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I know this is a shock. I may have additional questions for you later as you may be the only person within a hundred miles who knew her.” 

Cara shook her head numbly. “Whatever you need, Detective.”

He leaned across the counter and looked deep into her eyes. “Can I get you anything before I head back to the crime scene? I hate to leave you here alone.”

Cara smiled weakly at him. “Thank you, Detective. I’ll be fine. Mrs. Summit will be here shortly and she’ll keep me company.” She stood back up which brought her very close to the detective.

He continued looking into her eyes and time seemed to stop for a moment. Detective Burton slowly blinked and broke the contact. “I’ll just leave you my card, Ms. Wilcox. Please call me if you think of anything that might be important.”

“Cara, please.” She took the card from his outstretched hand and his fingers gently brushed against hers. She thought she detected a slight flush as he slowly moved away, but she was sure she was mistaken. She hadn’t made anyone blush in years. “And Detective?”

He turned toward her again with his crooked smile and yes, that was a slight blush. “Yes, Ms., uhm, Cara?”

Cara grinned back at him though it didn’t really feel right under the circumstances. “I know this is an active investigation, but I would appreciate any information you can share. We were, not exactly great friends, but work friends, and I spent a lot of time with her over the years.”

Detective Burton grinned—oh my, was that a dimple?—and nodded at her. “I’ll be back later this evening and share what I can with you. Try to have a good afternoon, Cara.”

The way he said her name felt like a warm caress and Cara felt like a lovesick teenager. “You, too, Detective,” she called after him as he waved and walked out the door.


What’s New?

It has been a busy couple of months!

I’ve been working on my podcast website, How Do I Move To… which informs listeners on various aspects of moving to different countries. I’ve published eleven podcasts with over 500 downloads and covered countries in Europe and the Americas. The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google – and many others. You can access all the published webcasts here.

In addition to the podcast, How Do I Move To… has a YouTube channel which is in the process of being updated. I have discontinued the written guides, though some are available still on Amazon and in the eBookstore.

I’ve recently launched an online writers’ workshop called Empower Writers. The workshop will be run over Facebook. It’s a private site where writers can submit their responses to weekly writing prompts, receive peer reviews, make friends and connections, and access a writers’ resource library. The best part is that the first 50 subscribers get a FREE lifetime membership – check it out and join today!

Finally, I’ve been hard at work on my fourth novel. It is titled The Berlin Device. The book is an action/adventure novel featuring Xander Berlin, a man desperately trying to step out from his father’s dark shadow. He embarks on a mission across three continents, dodging assassins and witnessing the effects of the device. It’s a non-stop adventure that I think you will really enjoy, especially if you enjoyed The Navarre Brotherhood. I expect to self-publish the novel in January so stay tuned for more details. I’m still finishing edits and working on the cover, but a draft of the edit follows:

If you’re feeling generous, please support some of my favorite animal rescue sanctuaries:

International Primate Protection League

The Wildcat Sanctuary

Thanks for following along in my adventures and enjoy the holidays!






“Vineyards Can Be Murder” Book Signing Event

I hope you can join me this Saturday, September 11, 2021, for a book signing event for Vineyards Can Be Murder. The event will take place at The Vineyard at Hillyland in Scotland, Connecticut, from 2:00 through 4:00 p.m. There will also be an antique car cruise and live music – I also heard there might be a food truck!!

Come to Hillyland and get your book signed, drink some delicious wine, view some interesting automobiles, listen to music, and have a fun-filled, Saturday afternoon. I will also have Vineyards Can Be Murder available for purchase as well as Reunions Can Be Murder and The Navarre Brotherhood.

Read below for the press release.

I hope to see you there!!


September 6, 2021| Windham, CT

Visit for contact details, review copies, photos, and an author bio.



The Wine Tasting Mystery Series continues with old grudges, best friends, and wine!

On Saturday, September 11, 2021, there will be an official Book Launch Celebration for a novel published by local author, Tammy Wunsch. The event will take place from 2:00 p.m. through 4:00 p.m. at The Vineyard at Hillyland, located at 75 Murphy Hill Road in Scotland, CT. At the event, you can meet the author, have your book personally signed, enter to win a beautiful prize, and receive some book swag. Books will also be available for purchase. For more enjoyment, there will also be an antique car cruise and live music!

Inspired by her love of vineyards – and a love of wine – author Tammy Wunsch continues her Wine Tasting Mystery Series in which Kat and her friends are hot on the trail of clues in the death of Milano Vineyards’ enigmatic vineyard manager. Kat is busy in her new job at the vineyard and needs to search for the killer before he – or she – strikes again. She also needs to probe her relationship with Marco and Chance, plan a wine tasting, and decide when to harvest the grapes – all in a day’s work! If you’ve ever suffered through the pitfalls of learning the ropes on a new job, you will relate to Kat’s trials and tribulations in her new position in which she often ends up covered in wine.

Kat Snow finally feels like she fits in after returning to her hometown, the fictional town of Harmony, just north of Boston. She has an expanded circle of friends and two handsome men vying for her attention. She’s still reeling from being forcibly retired from the Boston Police Department after a meth addict’s vicious attack left her partially disabled, disgruntled, and at her wit’s end. Her best friends, Syd and Ricky, along with Amelia, Sunny, Marco, and Chance, have helped ease her transition back to small-town living. Kat has also managed to find murder nd mayhem – along with delicious wine!

Join the author for snacks and swag. There will also be an antique car cruise and live music. Bring a chair, drink some wine, and support a local vineyard at the “Vineyards Can Be Murder: A Wine Tasting Mystery Series” book launch and signing event. You are certain to enjoy this action-packed, wine-filled whodunit that will keep you guessing until the end. Readers of this book have expressed great enthusiasm for the project and avidly follow the Tammy Wunsch, Author Facebook page.

“Vineyards Can Be Murder” by Tammy Wunsch
Softcover|6 x 9 in|294 pages|ISBN 978-1639444199
E-book|294 pages|ASIN B096D4TSJB
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and


“Vineyards Can Be Murder” Photo Contest

Announcing the August 2021 Vineyards Can Be Murder Photo Contest on Facebook.

Read below for details on how to enter.

Vineyards Can Be Murder Photo Contest

Remember, you must use both hashtags – #vineyardscanbemurder and #katsnow along with a photo of yourself (and friends!) at a vineyard.

Spread the love and go ahead and tag the vineyard or check in as well.

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming book launch event. Bring your books to get signed and books will be available for purchase. Details coming soon!


Vineyards Can Be Murder has just released on Amazon.

Find out what Kat and friends have been up to…

Kat Snow and friends are back in another exciting wine tasting mystery!

Kat’s new job at Milano Vineyards is fun, exciting, and messy – it’s also filled with murder, mayhem…and lots of wine.

When the enigmatic vineyard manager at Milano Vineyards is discovered dead in his carriage house, Kat is hot on the trail of clues, searching for a motive and the elusive killer before he – or she – strikes again. She also needs to probe her relationship with both Marco and Chance, plan a wine tasting, and decide when to harvest the grapes. All in a day’s work – or is Pierre’s murder related to a deeper mystery? Will Kat solve the case before any more people are murdered?

Join Kat, Syd, and Ricky as they follow the trail of evidence that leads to a smashing conclusion…and more wine.

Watch the exciting book trailer:


Get your copy today in either eBook or paperback format and stay tuned for exciting contest information!


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