Tammy Wunsch was one of my main staff writers at Hartford County Women Magazine.  She tackled a wide variety of stories and sometimes — journalism being what it is — at a moment’s notice.  She is a good, strong writer, and I was lucky to have her on my staff.

TJ Banks, Editor ~ Hartford County Women Magazine


Tammy Wunsch’s blog, I Speak For Paws, engages and informs the reader about animal welfare and global sanctuaries. Her writing shows concern for these urgent issues in a clear and interesting manner.  Her gifted storytelling brings the reader to become involved with different causes to help animals.

Marguerite Ferra ~ Retired Teacher/Writer


It was a pleasure working with Tammy Wunsch as editor of her novel, The Navarre Brotherhood, and on other nonfiction projects.  She is a gifted writer with great attention to description and detail.  Tammy is a willing partner in the editorial process, asking questions when necessary to clarify changes or suggestions and implementing revisions so well on the first pass that second passes are rarely necessary.  I highly recommend her as writer.

Elizabeth Upp ~ Editor


The Navarre Brotherhood is not usually the type of book I like to read. I only picked it up because I was desperate for something to read during a long flight and it was on my wife’s ereader. So I must say I was pleasantly surprised with what I read.

The writer Tammy Wunsch appears to have actually studied some real history, before sitting down to write this book. She does take quite a bit of liberty with the subject as it gets to the modern day, but that is purely for the enjoyment of the reader and the story, the actual history is fairly accurate. I particularly liked how she had the main characters being history professors who following some research end up in over their heads, rather than the all too common detective follows a strange murder and finds ancient conspiracy.

This story is full of twists and turns, and you should read the story without any spoilers to get the full enjoyment from this wonderful mystery.

Dan Clarke ~ Reader


As a volunteer board member of Willimantic Whitewater Partnership (WWP), I have worked with Tammy Wunsch for many years now. Her dedication, diligence and commitment to the Partnership have been unflagging. As committee chair, Tammy has taken the lead in organizing the RiverFest and Winter Celebration for several years. Both events are very complex and require a high level of organizational skills. Her marketing skills and public relations talent have been essential to promoting these events, making them successful community gatherings that have generated funding for WWP, a non-profit organization.

Respectfully Submitted,
Daniel Mullins
Founder and Board Member
Willimantic Whitewater Partnership, Inc


I have the pleasure of working with Tammy to produce local fundraising events for the Willimantic Whitewater Partnership.  When Tammy takes the lead, we are well organized, on time, and gently kept on task.  The event is pulled off without stress.  When Tammy is not the official leader…she does the exact same thing, because she cannot help but be a well organized, efficient, and great person to work with.

Jean de Smet
Board Member
Willimantic Whitewater Partnership


Tammy Wunsch has been a member of Save the Chimps’ family since December 2012 when she came down to Florida to volunteer over the holidays.  Tammy has been a wonderful asset, not only for the support she offers at the Sanctuary, she also tables festivals in the northeast U.S. in behalf of the organization. She is a great ambassador for the chimps in our care!

Monica Naranjo
Director of Volunteers
Save the Chimps